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Simple monthly pricing with plans that works for your learning needs. For all ChatGPT Plus subscribers, you can use the Tutory Plugin for free. For school divisions, Ed-tech platforms or organizations looking to integrate Tutory at scale, please reach out here for custom pricing.

$6 / Per month


Intended for people who only want the core features of Tutory that's optimized for cost.

  • Interactive tutoring chat with Tutory

  • Access to all learning activities

  • Teacher learning activities

$9 / Per month


Intended for people who want the full experience of the best personalized AI tutor.

  • Enhanced Interactive tutoring chat

  • Access to all learning activities

  • Long term memory

  • Teacher learning activities

  • Personalized Learning

  • Personalized learning paths (coming soon)

  • Teacher & Parent Platform (coming soon)

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