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A learning companion that is ready anytime, anywhere.

Introducing Tutory, a friendly AI-powered tutor that can enhance learning through personalized, on-demand help.

A personal tutor at your fingertips whenever you need it.

Tutory is a friendly AI tutor that can help you in a highly personalized way. Start by asking any question you have on your mind and Tutory will guide you through your learning.

Tutory Logo

Hello there brightmind! ☀️ I'm Tutory, your friendly AI tutor 😊 What would you like to learn today?

Tutory Logo

Let's think about it a different way. What do you think is the difference between adding and subtracting fractions? What might be the first steps?

Focused on guided learning, not just giving the answers.

Students learn best when talking with someone through a natural conversation. Tutory is built to not simply give the student the answer, but instead guide them through their learning journey by asking all the right questions at the right time.

Avaliable anywhere in the world, no waitlist and no strings attached.

Access to education should have no borders. We believe Tutory should be in the hands of everyone, that's why we are allowing anyone in the world to try it out. No waitlist and no private betas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read about commonly asked questions about Tutory to get a better understanding on the product.

  • Who is Tutory for?
    Tutory is for all learners! Whether you are a younger age student or a adult, Tutory can help everyone.
  • Does Tutory have a message cap?
    No, Tutory does not have a message cap. You can use Tutory as much as you want!
  • Is there a free version of Tutory?
    Unfortunately there is not. The current state of AI is incredibly powerful, but is also expensive. Because of this, Tutory can only be paid at this time.
  • What is the difference between the Tutory Web App and the ChatGPT Plugin?
    The Tutory Web app is an optimized experience that includes all the latest features of Tutory on a dedicated platform. The ChatGPT plugin is focused soley on the base feature of tutoring (in the web app, this would be "Homework help"). The Tutory ChatGPT plugin is intended to be an entry version of Tutory, and the Tutory web app is the premium experience. Please note that the Tutory ChatGPT plugin is only avaliable to ChatGPT Plus users (paid users) that currently costs $20 USD/month from OpenAI. Because of this, we have made the Tutory Plugin free. The Tutory web app starts at $3.00 USD, and is pay-as-you-go pricing. Overall, the Tutory web app will be a cheaper option for most users.
  • How do you know it's accurate?
    Tutory uses the most advanced AI systems that are trained on substantial amounts of text. Because Tutory has so much knowledge, we are highly confident in it's abilties and it has been tested through beta testing at pilot projects with real students. This isn't to say Tutory is perfect, and it does make mistakes at times. However, the mistakes Tutory makes are often benine and do not negatively impact the students learning experience.
  • Won't Tutory just accelerate cheating?
    Absolutely not. Tutory is built to guide students through their learning. In fact, Tutory will rarely give the student the full answer and will instead elect to prompt them to think about how to solve the problem at hand.
  • I want to use Tutory for my class, what features do you have?
    At this time, Tutory in it's public preview is focused on tutoring students primarily. However, it does offer different activities, such as educational debates that can be used in a classroom setting.
  • Is there features for teachers?
    Currently there are a few features for teachers, such as knowledge refreshment activities and teaching adivisng. Tutory will have more teaching features to come soon!
  • What does Tutory have for accesibility features?
    At this time, Tutory is limited to a text only interface. However, work is currently being done to add things like visual elements and speech interfaces to broaden who can use Tutory.
  • We want to integrate Tutory into our platform, can we do this?
    We are currently fielding requests for a Tutory developer API, which would allow you to directly integrate Tutory into your backend app. If your orgranization would like to do this, please reach out to us here.
  • We want to customize capbilities of Tutory for our platform, is this possible?
    We are open to requests to work directly with Ed-tech platforms to customize Tutory directly for your applications. Please reach out to us if this is of interest to your team.
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