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Your personalized education companion, built just for you.

Introducing Tutory, a friendly AI tutor and teaching assistant that is ready whenever you need a hand.

Get the help you need, whenever you need it.

Tutory is the perfect learning companion for all learners, regardless of your age or skill level. Ask a question that is on your mind, get help with homework on any subject or get feedback on your writing.

For learners

Learning first by design

Socratically focused

Tutory guides learners towards understanding the concepts instead of providing direct answers. 

Personalized for you

Tutory's adaptive memory understands you deeply, tailoring your learning experience like no other AI tutor can.

Intutitive and fun

Tutory makes learning complex subjects easy and fun with everyday language and a variety of techniques.

Your teaching assistant at your fingertips

Tutory is not only a learning companion for students, but a great teaching assistant for educators. Tutory can assist with common classroom tasks such as creating assignments, suggesting grading, creating rubrics and more.

For Teachers

The helping hand for you and your family

Parents have alot on their plate, and even more with children in school. Tutory can be parents copilot to navigate your childs learning journey, generate practice problems and even help you understand what your child is learning in class in a approachable way.

For Parents

Education has no borders, and neither does Tutory.

We believe that everyone should have access to the best AI learning companion, regardless of who they are or where they come from. That's why Tutory is avaliable anywhere in the world.

Affordable pricing for everyone

All plans apply for learners, teachers and parents. All prices are in USD.

$9 $5 per month

Or $52 per year

Promotion ends 03/02/2024

A plan to access all of the features on Tutory.

  • Tutoring chat

  • Teacher mode (for teacher accounts)

  • Parent mode (for parent accounts)

  • No usage caps

  • Long term memory and personalization

  • Early access to new features

For Induviduals

Contact Us

All the features of Tutory plus direct support for your needs.

  • Tutoring chat

  • Teacher mode (for teacher accounts)

  • Parent mode (for parent accounts)

  • No usage caps

  • Long term memory and personalization

  • Early access to new features

  • Dedicated support

  • Volume discounts

For School Divisions

  • Does Tutory work in other languages?
    Yes, Tutory is fully multilingual!
  • Who is Tutory for?
    Tutory is for all learners! Whether you are a younger age student or an adult, Tutory can help everyone.
  • Is there a free version of Tutory?
    Unfortunately there is not. The current state of AI is incredibly powerful, but is also expensive. Because of this, Tutory can only be paid at this time. We do offer a one week free trial for users who want to evaluate Tutory before purchasing it.
  • How is Tutory different than ChatGPT?
    Tutory is an AI tool meant to enhance student learning, meaning it's more Socratic and is focused on guiding learners. You will notice very quickly that everything from Tutory's tone to how it presents ideas, Tutory is a very different experience overall. While we have great respect for OpenAI's work on ChatGPT and use it ourselves, it's not a tool that works well for education as it's typically not well aligned with teachers, allows easy cheating and isn't focused on learning. For teachers and parents, Tutory has tools that are useful for an educational environment that ChatGPT currently lacks. We hope to keep building on capablties and features that are well suited for education over time.
  • How do you know it's accurate?
    Tutory's AI is powered by the best models on the market that have been benchmarked on various tests that give us confidence in Tutory's ability to answer in a correct and accurate manner. In addition to this, we do a mix of internal and external testing to make sure Tutory performs well in a diverse set of circumstances. It is important to note that Tutory does make mistakes, and we do not shy away from admiting this. While trying to make Tutory as accurate as possible, we also invest time into making sure that when it does make mistakes, they are often benign and don't affect the students learning significantly. As a good practice, always double check answers if they seem off.
  • Won't Tutory just accelerate cheating?
    Absolutely not. Tutory is built to guide students through their learning. In fact, Tutory will rarely give the student the full answer and will instead elect to prompt them to think about how to solve the problem at hand.
  • I want to use Tutory for my class, what features do you have?
    For students, we offer a broad range of activities that can be used at varying levels of education, as well as the ability to chat with Tutory about whatever you want (as long as it's within an education context). For teachers, we offer the ability to create classrooms to keep up with your students learning, as well as utlize Tutory as your personal teaching assistant. Our goal is to give teachers time back through our productivity tools to help them spend more time with their students.
  • We would like to use this for a school division/many students, can you support us?
    Yes we can, we work with traditional school districts as well as higher education and educational technology companies. Please contact us.
  • Is there features for teachers?
    Yes, Tutory can be used as a full teaching assistant to help you be more productive in your work. We also offer the ability for teachers to get a glimpse into their classroom with analytics, performance and trends.
  • What are the guardrails? How do we know it's safe?
    Tutory has a moderation system that allows it to flag potentially harmful chats to teachers and parents (if accounts are connected). This means that Tutory will never engage in chats that have inapropriate content and will lock chats if they are flagged. Additionally, we utilize state of the art jailbreak detection systems to make sure that Tutory cannot be tricked into doing something it's not supposed to.
  • What does Tutory have for accesibility features?
    We offer speech input and output for Tutory to assist with typing and reading for younger students. These can be used at all ages and for all accounts. We continue to work on more accesibility features like visual elements, simplified interfaces and much more to make sure Tutory is helpful for everyone.
  • We want to integrate Tutory into our platform, can we do this?
    We are currently fielding requests for a Tutory developer API, which would allow you to directly integrate Tutory into your backend app. If your orgranization would like to do this, please reach out to us here.
  • We want to customize capbilities of Tutory for our platform, is this possible?
    We are open to requests to work directly with Ed-tech platforms to customize Tutory directly for your applications. Please reach out to us if this is of interest to your team.
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